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PTFE gaskets

Gasket in teflon shell (PTFE).


    Envelope PTFE gaskets its a elastic material in teflon shell (PTFE). As a result of  combination of inertness of teflon shell and mechanical properties of material inside shell. This product is a good replacement for products that maden full from teflon.

Gasket in a teflon shell.


    «Envelope PTFE» its a good decision for  chemical and  pharmaceutical production, because of the good physical and mechanical characteristics.

Advantage of PTFE envolpe

  • Can reduce damage from chemical ares
  • Can be used in food industry.
  • Can be fast replaced if needed
  • Operating temperatures (-200 +260 ° C)
  • Good dielectriccharacteristics

«Envelope PTFE» availeble in a different sizes anf forms. Made by high quality technology.

«Envelope PTFE»:

    Teflon shell can be maden in a differen thickneses and sizes.

The material inside shell:

    Can be produce from different materials.

    By default used material BLUFLEX3000 ® - petrol resisting material of high quality.

Where used «envelopes PTFE»?:

  • Food industry
  • Water treatment
  • Chemical industry
  • Enameled pipeline systems
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • In the other equipment of high cleanliness.
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